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Linus Zhang

Lecturer, (Associate Professor), PhD

Recent Activities and Research Profile:

1.       WATER SMART WUWEI, China. 2013

An international design workshop envisioning water sensitive urban design solutions that presents new models for Water Smart Design in western China. Wuwei city is located on the edge of the Gobi desert. Wuwei's climate is defined by its lack of water. With less than a 100mm every year, Wuwei's arid climate creates severe constraints and a demand for water sensi)ve urban design (WSUD). In the face of these environmental challenges, Wuwei is planning to double the city's size by 2030 to around 800,000 people. The scale of this development will give Wuwei a unique opportunity to present a new model for a water smart China. The goal of the workshop was to generate visionary design proposals for a more WATER SMART WUWEI. The international students from Lund and Peking Universities had to quickly translate their findings of Wuwei and their assigned design site into a clear and provocative design proposal. The proposals presented water sensitive urban design solutions and aim to develop urban design models for Wuwei's arid climate. The students have been encouraged to dream big and strive to maximize observed potentials, test the limits of the site's context, and attempt to envision a more WATER SMART FUTURE.

 2.       International Symposium on Resource Smart Urban Planning and Development to be held at Lanzhou New Area, China, October 16-18, 2014. This is a joint program between Dept. of Water Resources Engineering, School of Architecture at Lund University and Lanzhou New Area, China. More detailed information will be appearing soon.

International Symposium on Resource Smart Urban Planning and Development

To be held at Lanzhou New Area, China, October 16-18, 2014

Suggested Themes   

  • Sustainable urban design  
  • Contemporary architecture vs. Smart Cities  
  • Water smart solutions in urban development  
  • Urban agriculture  
  • Cultural heritage vs. urban development 

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Lund University 


Peking University; Swedish Res School in Architecture (ResArc);CELAP (China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong); Lanzhou University;Northwest Normal University. Gansu Agriculture University

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Lund University 

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