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New book on Clean Water Using Solar Wind, by Gustaf Olsson


Professor emeritus at Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, Gustaf Olsson, has a new book up for publication- Clean Water Using Solar and Wind: Outside the Power Grid, which will be released during his participation in IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2018, Tokyo, 16-21/9. Olsson has been involved in IWA-activities since 1973, and in recent years he has focused on the water-energy nexus, trying to comprehend how energy exploration, generation and use are related to water operations and consumption.

The paperback of this book will be available September 15, 2018. The ebook version will be released at the end of 2018.

Solar photo-voltaic (PV) and wind offer to bring both clean energy and clean water to remote regions and peri-urban areas in the world, outside the conventional electric grids. One out of seven people has no electric power available that would bring light to the home, cook the food, pump to access water and purify or re-use it. Off-grid systems are scalable and can be designed to any size, from household to village and community levels. The renewable energy cost development is remarkable and can make electric power affordable also for the poorest.

Renewables promise an end to the era where energy security is closely related to geopolitics. The expenditure is up-front capital cost while “fuel” is free. With renewables, there is no geopolitical pressure where one country has deposits of a fossil fuel while another does not.

This book aims to show how clean water and clean energy are reachable for all while contributing to both a better climate and a healthier life. 

Olsson was also featured in "The Source", may 2018, talking about his new publication. We extend congratulations from LU Water and thank him for his research leading up to this. We hope some of you may find this book useful. 

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