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Catherine Paul

Department of Building and Environmental Technology/Water Resources Engineering and Department of Chemistry/Applied Microbiology

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor

Area of expertise:

Drinking water 

Research keywords:

Microbial Communities; Biofilm; Sediment; Flow Cytometry; Genomics

Research mission:

Bacteria can help us build a more sustainable society

Core interest in research field:

What are all the bacteria in our drinking water doing there? and how do they affect us?

Feelings about being a researcher:

This is my dream job. Most days I am having a great time doing something I love!

Biggest challenges/opportunities in research:

Big data, Big data, Big data to answer both parts of the question.

Story you want to share:

I grew up drinking untreated water that we collected off of the roof of our house. When I was 7, my dad sent me into our drinking water cistern to clean it. It was the first, but not the last time I would scrape biofilm off of a surface in contact with drinking water. 

Other things to share:

I once analyzed how many times the word water appears in all of Shakespeare's sonnets (it is the most common symbol, along with the sun) so I am very open and happy to work across disciplines.

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