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Britta Sjöstedt

Faculty of Law

Post-doctoral researcher 

Area of expertise:


Research keywords:

Environmental protection, armed conflict, peacebuilding, natural resources, international law

Research mission:

Investigate the role of environmental conservation and management of natural resources in armed conflicts and peacebuilding  

Core interest in research field:

The link between environment and armed conflicts/peacebuilding 

Research passion:

To understand this link as to exchange and explore ideas with other researchers on how to deal with this issue

Feelings about being a researcher:

I like the freedom and the possibilities to explore new research ideas 

Likes/dislikes in research:

That research can be a lonely and frustrating at times 

Biggest challenges/opportunities in research:

The freedom - it is both a challenge and opportunity to know how to manage your freedom wisely

Interests outside of work:

I like horse riding and hiking in nature

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