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Structure of Hydrosolidarity

The core of Hydrosolidarity platform consists of a group of operators in southern Sweden under the leadership of Lund University. Participation in the platform was done primarily a year ago by researchers based on a hydrosolidarity project with interdisciplinary cooperation at Pufendorf Institute. All faculties except the Art is involved in the platform.

Lund University has Sweden's premier researchers in the field of water and the unique position of these scholars not only represents the technology side but also several disciplines. The number of annual doctoral dissertation is about 20 in water sector. 

The core also includes:

Sydvatten: a pioneer in collaboration with other stakeholders in water management;

Region Skåne:  regional control over political decisions and interaction between planning, traffic, health and development, with a strong presence in Brussels;

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (Alnarp): specializes in water in agriculture and urban development.

WIN: a national accelerator with current 30 member companies for new companies’ development in water sector and spin-off of ideas within existing companies.  The actors involved in the platform by WIN example Kemira Kemi AB, Sweco Environment AB, Xylem AB, VA SYD, Purac AB, Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp AB, Eslövs kommun, Malmberg Water, Lunds Energi AB, Sustainable Business Hub, Starka AB och Brann.

Strong players in water sector nation wide are our partners such as SVENSKA VATTEN, Swedish Water House at Stockholm International Water Institute, SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). Also there are other actors with our close contact and intention to join the platform: Swedish Nature Conservation, Local Authorities and Regions (SKL), NFA, Marine and Water Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, IVL, National Board of Housing( through its responsibility for building also has responsibility for water pipes) and Farmers Association (LRF).

Hydrosolidarity has broad support from three sectors such as Academic field, Public sectors and Industries.



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