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SVENSKA VATTEN (Swedish Water & Wastewater Association)

Swedish Water and Wastewater Association gathers Swedish water service industry. It assists with technical, economic and administrative issues and to represent the interests of the municipalities in negotiations with authorities and other organisations on regulations etc.

One of the first duties of SWWA was to collect and evaluate statistical data. Other obligations are the compilation of recommendations and guidelines and the arrangement of seminars and short courses for the members. SWWA has several ad hoc working groups with experts from member municipalities covering the whole field of municipal water and wastewater activities.

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Swedish Water House

Swedish Water House  has strong cooperation capacity for Hydrosolidarity through its vision and objectives to contribute increasing cooperation in water issues both national and international, strengthen communication and cooperation between a broad range of actors with different competence areas and the link between research and development  with policy and decision-making as well as increase Swedish actors’ participation in international water processes by creating different interfaces between Swedish and international actors and between the Swedish resource base and potential users.

SWH annually organizes a range of seminars and workshops focusing on various topics in the field of water and development. In addition SWH supports seminars for Swedish stakeholders and Swedish participation in international meetings addressing the world water crisis.


SWH cluster groups such as below bring together Swedish stakeholders from different backgrounds to address emerging water issues through joint policy recommendations. The cluster groups information are referred to

·  Water and Forests

·  Water as a Financial Risk

·  Water and Energy

·  Water and Forests

·  Water as a Financial Risk

·  Water and FoodWater and Pharmaceuticals

·  Concluded Cluster Groups where water rights, conflict and water and conflict etc are addressed.

Hydrology research at SMHI

The SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) has a long tradition in operational hydrological modelling of river runoff. Existing applications cover aspects like runoff forecasting, spillway design, hydrochemical modelling and fire danger forecasts.

The SMHI hydrological research group works to develop hydrological forecasting and scenario tools, describe the hydrological consequences of climate change, modeling nutrient in rivers and biogeochemical processes in lakes. 

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