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Call for Contributions and Proposals for Water Issue Challenges

( Please select the questions below which you are interested in and have inspiration or want to work with your expertise, you are well welcome to send the question and your answers to )

Your contribution is highly appreciated!

 • What research is needed and how it should be carried out to support and improve upstream work? To which part is upstream work directly related to the Swedish solutions and to what extent it applies to European or global issues?

• How can you use social media and other forms of communication for hydrosolidarity work?

• How can landscape design and urban planning used for better water planning? Both new construction and conversion areas can become tools for hydro- solidarity.

• How can the construction of dams and culvert rings of stormwater change towards ecological solutions that benefit biodiversity and sustainable habitats?

• How can the municipal sewage industry converted to be capital efficient?

• How can systems and facilities used and reconditioned for maximum benefit and long runtime?

• How can the results of climate models interpreted for best adaptation of existing facilities to new conditions? What new solutions should be built in order to meet the need for climate adaptation?

• What health challenges lies in the urbanized society dense buildings with stone and concrete?

• What is needed for economic instruments to exploit water resources sustainably?

• What is needed from policy to implement hydrosolidariet (local, regional, national, European, global)?

• What is required of hydro- solidarity research to support policy initiatives (local, regional, national, European, global)?

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