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Nine Research Areas

Coastal Processes

Coastal Processes: Waves, currents, sediment transport, coastal protection, integrated coastal planning and management, impact of climate change, development of numerical models.

Climate Change

Climate Change: Climate variability vs. change, adaptation strategies, impact assessments (hydropower production forecasting,  agriculture, ground-water regeneration, water balance &  nutrients in the Baltic Sea).

Flows in the Environment

Flows in the Environment: Hydrodynamics of surface waters, transport processes & spreading of pollutants, mixing mechanisms, jets & plumes, technical solutions for pollution discharge, stratification.


Hydro-Meteorology: Coupling between climate and hydrological models, hydrological downscaling, forecasting seasonal to decadal climate services.


Hydrodynamics: Free-surface flow, unsteady flow, boundary layers, flow around structures, nearshore circulation, water-sediment interaction, pipe flow,
jets & mixing processes. 

Subsurface Hydrology

Subsurface Hydrology: Soil water and groundwater movement, arid soil management, measurement techniques, dielectric properties of soil and other porous materials, solute transport, macropore flow, soil salinity. 

Urban Hydrology

Urban Hydrology: Climate change effects on stormwater systems, green roofs, snowmelt in urban environments, stormwater in low income peri-urban areas, intense rains, open storm water management, green-blue infrastructure, sustainable cities.

Water Resources

Water Resources: Arid-zone hydrology, irrigation, desalination, integrated water resources/river basin management, infrastructure adaptation, river rehabilitation & protection, hydrosolidarity, artficial recharge systems, EU flood directive.

Water Quality

Water Quality: Landfill microbiology, sustainable solid
waste management, bacterial biofilm communities in drinking water, reuse of wastewater, aspects of pharmaceutical contamination.

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