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I am an assistant professor at the Center of Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS). I have worked in interdisciplinary teams on issues like hydropower development, transboundary water governance, human security, water and land rights. In my thesis “Private Rivers: Politics of Renewable Energy and the Rise of Water Struggles in Turkey”, I offer diverse conceptualizations of values and rights of water and land in the case of hydropower development in Anatolia. I emphasize the importance of understanding political and ecological interdependencies and how industrial needs such as energy depends highly on different uses of land and water systems in rural areas.

My current research project is called ‘Rivers of Commons’ concerns with the alternatives and counter-narratives to state or market-driven hydropower governance through the case of community-run small scale hydropower development in Nepal. I also act as an IPBES expert (Intergovermental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services) for the evaluation of nature’s valuation methodologies during the period of 2014-2018.

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