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Maryam Nastar

I’m a researcher at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, working on water-related issues and sustainability transitions in urban areas in the global South. In my PhD studies, I analyzed how urban water regimes reproduce inequality in access to water, focusing on low-income areas of Johannesburg in South Africa and notified-slums of Hyderabad in India. Later, I was granted a three-month research fellowship to conduct an ethnographic fieldwork in slums in Tehran, Iran in relation to community mobilization in improving water access.

Currently, I’m working with a group of international scholars on “Experimenting with practical transition groundwater management strategies for the urban poor in Sub Saharan Africa”, one of UPGro Consortium Projects. The research project aims at exploring social, technical and political that are needed to make the shift towards sustainable urban groundwater management in Sub-Saharan Africa – and how can those changes be achieved?

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