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Water and Sustainability

Within LUCSUS, research is carried out in relation to water resources and the institutions, actors, structures and policies framing human interactions with and over water.  Our research critically examines current water governance practices and institutions such as, integrated water resource management (IWRM), the single basin approach, and participatory models. Moreover, it explores the conflicting norms and discourses deployed in water governance, such as those related to sustainability and “water for economic growth”, and focuses on power struggles over water use, rights and ownership, inequality in allocation and access to safe water supplies, and the social and environmental impacts of water governance practices. Research is undertaken in geographically diverse locations including Colombia, India, Iran, Nepal, South Africa, Turkey, USA and Sweden.

LUCSUS and project”Tänk H2O!”


LUCSUS is involved in the long term educational project ”Tänk H2O!”. In this project Sydvatten offers high school teachers and their students a two-day course with water in focus at lake Bolmen. Sydvatten is responsible for the drinking water supply to a 900 000 people in the south of Sweden and lake Bolmen is the most important drinking water resource.Staff at LUCSUS are engaged in the planning, implementation and teaching. In 2015, another 500 students are invited to participate in this transdisciplinary water class. 



Water access challenges in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa (taken by Maryam)&The intersection of coastal erosion, loss of fore-dune vegetation, infrastructure placement, and erosion prevention measures, Florida, U.S.A.(Taken by Chad)
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