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Water and Environmental Engineering

Enviromental Engineering

Research in environmental engineering includes measures that can lead to direct improvements in the environment, both locally and globally. The main areas include the absorption of carbon dioxide, and processes for the treatment of water and waste from both industry and society.

Water treatment research

Current projects include: 

  • Nomigas -Novel microbiological platform for optimization of biogas production
  • Cleanwater

Contact persons for research are Michael CimbritzPer Falås and Åsa Davidsson.


VA-teknik Södra is a project program for the enhancement of research, development and training in water supply and sanitation technologies in southern Sweden. The project program is one of four clusters which all are supported by the industry organization SVENSKT VATTEN.

The main purpose of VA-teknik Södra is to find solutions to the challenges of the future for Swedish municipalities and water service companies. The solutions must be found in combination of research, development and education. Cooperation in the cluster is to ensure that all parts within the water and environmental engineering are developed in parallel.


Membranportalen delivers information on research and development activities in the field of industrial membrane processes at Lund University.

Current research areas:

  • Membrane processes as key components in Biorefineries;
  • Membrane used in Bioseparation process for separating and purifying process solutions.
  • Robust proton-conducting polymer membrane as core to the Fuel cell's function, longevity and performance;
  • Membrane bioreactors for water treatment;
  • Membrane used to create microemulsions in Membrane Emulsification;
  • Synthesis and modification of membrane material.
Page Manager: Åsa Davidsson


Åsa Davidsson 

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Per Falås

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Michael Cimbritz

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