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Political Science

Political Science at Lund University

Political Science has been studied at Lund University since 1877. Today, Lund University's Department of Political Science combines an ancient heritage with modern research and education. In recent years, the department has been very successful in competing for external research funding. Our research groups dedicated to central themes such as democratisation, globalisation, diplomacy, peace and conflict studies and environmental policy are at the forefront of international research. The strong research profile of the Department of Political Science is reflected in its teaching. 

Current research projects.

Hydropolitics and peacebuilding

In what ways are water security and hydropolitics addressed in peacebuilding efforts in the Middle East?

The project is part of the strategic research initiative MECW - Middle East in the Contempary World, which is coordinated by the Centre for Middle East Studies; funded by Lund University and the Swedish Research Council

The Jordan River basin is one of the main sources of water for Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians.

One aim of this project is to theoretically challenge the established division between water conflict and water cooperation by introducing the local level as a crucial component in transboundary water management.

A second aim is to explore how local communities are affected by the implementation of agreements and hydro-peace projects.

A third aim is to empirically investigate how local Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian communities are affected by water scarcity and national water management policies.

This research project is based on an interdisciplinary cooperation between political science, peace and conflict studies and water resources engineering.

A video illustrating how an educational game can be played to understand how the different actors around the Jordan River Basin can behave can be viewed here.

Researchers: Karin Aggestam, Anna Sundell-Eklund, Joshka Wessels. 

External project members: Ronny Berndtsson (Professor, Water Resource Engineering, Lund University), Hashemi, Hossein, (Phd, Centre for Middle East Studies, Lund University), Jebari, Sihem, (Centre for Middle East Studies, Lund University)

Hydro-Mentality over the Nile: Towards the new transboundary water analytical framework

Wondwosen Seide

Doctoral student

Main research or teaching areas

  • Hydropolitics, particularly on the Nile River
  • The politics of emotion, image and memory
  • Land and water

 I believe that hydropolitical research nowadays has become dominated by state-and power-centered analysis, particularly by hydro-hegemony, geopolitics, legal and institutional approaches. My research aims to employ an innovative theoretical framework, which adopts the political psychology of emotion, image and memory theories in examining the hydro-political relations of the Nile. The hydro-mentality analytical framework that I am trying to develop will primarily be drawn from the international relations, political psychology and memory theories, and applied to the transboundary river studies through an “interdisciplinary research.”  

Research Groups

  • Environmental Policy Group
  • Hydropolitics Group
  • Political Psychology Group

Contact information:
Phone: +46 46 222 47 63

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Researchers on hydropolitics and peacebuilding

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