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System-wide benchmark simulation model

Ramesh Saagi

Postdoctoral scholar

Research topics:  modelling and control of various urban wastewater systems (UWS)

While integrated modelling was the major theme in his PhD project, Ramesh is also involved in process modelling for control and performance enhancement of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). During the last five years, he has been working on spatially extending the benchmark simulation models (BSM) that are currently limited to WWTPs. The extensions have led to the development of a UWS-wide BSM (BSM-UWS) that includes catchment, sewer system, WWTP and river system.

He is currently involved in various research projects dealing with: i. generating dynamic influent data for analysing future wastewater treatment plant performance (SIMFRÅM 2.0), ii. modelling the urban sewer system using conceptual modelling tools for two locations in Sweden (FLOODVIEW); iii. heat recovery from wastewater (HÅVA); iv. modelling and control of wastewater treatment plant in Simrishamn..

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