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Water Team Presentation

At the Department of Geology we perform a multitude of water related research and we deal with the interactions between natural geological media and anthropogenic pollutants within water bodies of all kinds, from fresh to marine. We focus on fate, occurrence and transport of different harmful substances within the water system and associated risks, age determination and monitoring of water, natural attenuation of contaminants and geophysical determination of their transport patterns. We study natural archives such as sediments deposited in a multitude of water environments to extend the temporal range of different environmental parameters beyond the reach of monitoring series.

The objective is to assess the development and extent of human impact on the environment and climate change responses in the perspective of natural variability and change. By combining such time series with monitoring data and historical documents we aim to, through time, reconstruct environmental change on the Earth system as a whole.  Particular emphasis is placed on the scientific basis of how we better can understand the causes of human impact and how we can best tackle these anthropogenic problems and solve them as quickly as possible.

We want to understand the dynamics and functioning of aquatic environments and their interactions in a long-term perspective, and help to tackle societal problems connected to water issues. To perform this work we collaborate with a range of strong national and international academic organizations, private businesses and non-governmental as well as governmental bodies. 

Charlotte J. SparrenbomGroundwater and Sea level+46 46 222 39
Dan HammarlundPalaeohydrology and palaeolimnology+46 46 222 79
Daniel ConleyBaltic Sea+46 46 222 04
Helena FilipssonOcean+46 46 222 82

Johanna Stadmark

Baltic Sea+46 46 222 46
David HagerbergGroundwater
Nadine Quintana KrupinskiOcean+46 46 222 78
Svante Björck Sea Level+46 46 222 78
Per Sandgren Sea Level+46 46 222 78
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