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Senior researchers / teachers

        ·  Per-Gunnar Alm

Per-Gunnar Alm is working on geometry, database management, and ways to visualize the subgrade and helping geophysical borehole measurements (Logging) and the use of GIS (Geographic Information System)

       ·   Gerhard Barmen

Gerhard Barmen is teaching and doing research in groundwater hydraulics, groundwater formation, isotope hydrogeology and modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. He is MFS administrator in land and water area at LTH.  At the same time, he is a coordinator of the SAREC-supported cooperation between UNAN-Managua, Nicaragua and Lund University and one of the main coordinators for MSc program of Water Resources Engineering.

       ·  Torleif Dahlin

Torleif Dahlin specialises in geophysical methods applied to engineering and environmental investigations, where groundwater applications is an important field. The work includes supervision of students on master and doctorate levels. A special interest is the development of geoeletrical techniques, with emphasis on DC resistivity and time-domain induced polarisation (IP). A prototype system developed during his doctorate studies later was evolved into the ABEM Lund Imaging System.

        ·  Peter Jonsson

Peter Jonsson works with underwater technology for mapping and characterization of the seabed and features on it. Lately, he has worked mostly with video based methods and instruments.

        ·  Jan-Erik Rosberg

Jan-Erik Rosberg’s research area is the design, applicability and analysis of hydraulic tests in shallow and deep wells. Examples of tests studied are among conventional pumping test, airlifting, slug tests and grouting tests. He is also interested in drilling and geothermal area.

 ·  Nils Rydén

Nils Rydén works with non-destructive testing (NDT) of civil engineering materials and structures. His research is focused on seismic methods using guided waves to estimate material properties of pavements and concrete structures.

        ·  Conny Svensson

Conny Svensson works on teaching and research in the subject of applied geology. Currently, he is mainly active in basic education and the department's undergraduate courses in Engineering Geology.  Please look at Conny's engineering geological excursion

        ·   Peter Ulriksen

        ·  Roger Wisén

Technical and administrative staff

         ·  Kjell Andersson

         ·  Johan Kullenberg

         ·  Cecilia Mildner

Research students

         ·  Oskar Baggens

         ·  Farisse Chirindja

         · Patrik Fröjd

         ·  Etzar Gomez

        ·   Andres Gonzales

        ·  Kristofer Hellman

        ·  Sara Johansson

        ·  Per-Ivar Olsson

        ·  Marcus Wennermark




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