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Research Infrastructure

Available equipment / research infrastructure

        ·  Core drilling rig , national resource for drilling to 2500 m depth

        · Geophysical borehole logging equipment  with multiple looging tools to 3000 m depth

        ·  Hydraulic well testing equipment; slug tests and test pumping

        ·  Electrical resistivity and time-domain induced polarization  tomography (ERT, DCIP) and monitoring equipment

        · Seismic refraction and surface wave seismic equipment

        · Seismic monitoring equipment

        · Transient electromagnetic (TEM) equipment for resistivity  mapping and sounding

        · Ground penetrating radar

        · Ground conductivity meter

        · Magnetic total field and gradiometer

        · GNSS and optical surveying equipment

        · Computers and software for 2D, 3D and 4D forward and inverse modelling for groundwater, applied geophysics and non-destructive testing

        · Surface wave seismics and other acoustic and ultrasonic  non-destructive testing instruments

        · Underwater video mapping equipment

        · Side scan and sector scan sonars

        · Acoustic underwater positioning equipment

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