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Research Areas

Georesources Technology

  · Hydrogeology (groundwater resources vulnerability and sustainability)

           · Aquifer technology; development of equipment and methods for hydraulic testing

           · Drilling and well construction technology. We host the national resource for deep core drilling        (Riksriggen)

           · Geothermal energy (e.g. Geothermal Plant Lund)

           · CO2 storage (reservoir- and  cap rock characteristics) 

      Applied Geophysics

           · Geoelectrics (resistivity and induced polarisation)

           · Surface wave seismics

           · Ground penetrating radar

           · Borehole logging

            · Seismoelectrics

            · Combined interpretation of different data types

Examples of application:

            · Pre-investigation for road, bridge, tunnel

            · Mapping of groundwater resources and its vulnerability

            · Mapping of landfills and contaminated land

            · Natural resource mapping / -prospecting (aggregates, mineral, geothermal, etc.)

            · Monitoring of leakage (pollution, embankment dams, etc.)

            · Mapping / monitoring of permafrost and frozen ground 

            · Archaeological investigations 

Non-destructive testing, production control and monitoring on land and in water

            · Surface wave seismics and other acoustic and ultrasonic test methods

            · Radar (GPR)

            · Vibration monitoring (Maxlab IV)

            · Lake- and seabed mapping and monitoring

            · Data analysis and digital imaging

            · Integration and design of data acquisition and monitoring systems

            · Geoelectrical monitoring

Examples of application:

             · Control of degradation of concrete in bridges and power plants

             · Production control of road materials

              ·         Quality control in soil stabilisation

              ·         Condition monitoring of wind turbines and nuclear power plants

              ·         Monitoring of prestressed concrete structures

              ·         Tightness in geological barriers

              ·         Monitoring of hydroelectric dams

              ·         Environmental monitoring in aqueous environments

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