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Research at Department of Economics

Water team at Department of Economics 

Main project currently is Seafarm.

At present they work with research questions related to a “biobased economy”, i.e., the transition from a fossil fuel based economy to a more resource-efficient economy based on renewable raw materials that are produced through the sustainable use of ecosystem services from land and water. Within these research projects the focus is on macroalgae in Swedish costal water, the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak. They work for example with socioeconomic studies and valuation of ecosystem services that are related to Seaweed farming and macroalgae uptake. More information about the Seafarm project and the project participants can be found at The research on macroalgae uptake is carried out with Emma Risén, Fredrik Gröndahl and Maria Malmström at KTH Stockholm.

Jonas Nordström

Policy officer and associate professor 

I am associate professor in economics at Department of Economics Lund University and Institute of Food and Resource Economics University of Copenhagen. My research focuses on environmental and health economics, sustainable consumption, and behavioral & experimental economics. Among other things I study how one can use economic policy instruments such as taxes, subsidies and information to change individuals’ behavior and the effectiveness of such policy instruments.

At present I also work with research questions related to a “biobased economy”, see Seafarm project above. 



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