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Business Administration

Water issues from a management perspective since 1990's

At Department of Business Administration, we are conducting research concerning the provision of water services within two areas: studying management and organizational issues and dealing with financial and investment related issues. Both of these two areas focus on how to secure sustainable water provision. Projects conducted within these two areas are mainly targeting municipalities since they are, in Sweden, by law obliged to provide for water services.



Mattisson, Ola and Ramberg, Ulf. Water and Sewage South - a new way of governance?. , 2013.
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Knutsson, Hans, Mattisson, Ola, and Ramberg, Ulf. Vilda västern del 2 - Phoenix vill vara bäst i klassen. In Svenskt Vatten. , 46-47. Svenskt Vatten, 2003.
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Page Manager:

Anna Thomasson

Senior lecturer at the Department of Business Administration.

Research: Her research focus is on management, governance and organizational issues.

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Phone: +46462227829



Mattias Haraldsson

Associate senior lecturer in the Department of Business Administration.

Research: Research areas are focused on municipal accounting and steering, questions of investments and cost analysis. Exploitation, water and waste and elder care. 

Contact Information:

Phone: +462224074