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Johan Hollander

Johan Hollander

Researcher/Associate Professor

In my research I address the most classical evolutionary question, the origin of species. I am a marine biologist by training and primarily use marine molluscs as model organisms. In the field of ecological speciation, I study the processes and mechanisms by which populations diverge as a result of mechanical isolation, resource competition or use of alternative environments. I explore how divergent populations successfully evolve reproductive isolation and the genetic mechanisms to link selection to reproductive isolation.

I also have a genuine interest in phenotypic plasticity. Phenotypic plasticity is an important developmental strategy among many prey organisms against predators. Several gastropod species have become key model organisms for studying traits that have evolved in association with various predators, as well as about costs of phenotypic plasticity.

Aside from basic science, I additionally run an applied project which examines the invasive Japanese oyster Crassostrea gigas in Sweden. By using invasive species as a model, this will also give us the opportunity to understand how species evolve local adaptation and find novel niches in already established ecological communities, as well as providing information about factors that affect patterns of species abundance and range expansion.

I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in marine biology, evolutionary ecology, as well as in statistics and experimental design.

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Telephone: 046-222 34 73

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