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WELCOME TO ICEEE (International conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment)2017


Lund University is participating to organize the ICEEE 2017 on July 26th to 29th, 2017. ICEEE is created as words to describe a cross-discipline concerning shortage of energy resources, degradation of ecosystems and deterioration of environment. Professor Gustaf Olsson from Lund University is one of the Keynote Speakers.

The rising concern about global energy crisis and its impact on the environment implies a transition from the current development paradigm to a sustainable one, which remains a significant challenge for scientists, industries and government to make reasonable energy and environmental policies to save energy and reduce environmental impact as well as carbon emission during the managing and controlling process at each level of the concerned ecosystems. There is already plenty of discussion about these problems, along with an abundance of journals with disciplinary territories and sharp boundaries on the intellectual landscape, some of which may prove to be valuable. However, we need a problem-oriented forum, not a discipline-based one, for putting the pieces together, promoting intelligent discussion of an integrated vision of human and natural world. 

ICEEE welcomes you to join the discussion and dedicate your knowledge towards a sustainable society. 

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Notice: This conference will publish special issue on associated journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Energies and Energy, Ecology and Environment.  

Deadline for registration: 10th of July

If you missed registration deadline, but still want to join, Please contact 

Time: 26-29 July, 2017 

Place: Clarion Hotel Stockholm 

Keynote speaker information: 

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