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LUWater Autumn Seminar: What kind of water research our external partners are interested in?


LUWater Autumn Seminar: What kind of water research our external partners are interested in? 

Place: Gamla Biskopshuset

Tid: 24 Oct. From kl.12:00 till 15:30.

We gladly invite you to join LUWater Autumn Seminar and listen to the R&D expertise from our external partners such as Länsstyrelsen, Marint Centrum, IVL (Swedish Environment Institute), LRF Skåne (Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund, the Federation of Swedish Farmers) and municipalities such as Malmö, Lomma and Ängelholm kommuner. We will talk about their challenges within the water field and discuss valuable collaboration opportunities with them to make impact of how research can meet societal needs. 

We will have lunch together with all presenters and water researchers and mingle before starting presentations and discussion at 13:00. 

Register to before 15h of Oct. Lunch will be provided. Absence without notice in advance will be charged. 

Speaker list: 

  1. Vibeke Lirås Länsstyrelsen (Country Administrative Board of Skåne)
    Vibeke is a limnologist and coordinator for water management and the preparation secretariat of the Country Administrative Board of Skåne
  2. Madeleine Lundin,  Kommunledningskontoret, Utvecklingsenheten, Marint centrum, Simrishamns kommun ( City management office, Development Unit, Marient centrum, Simrishamns City)
    Madeleine is the development manager at Marint centrum
  3. Catharina Grundestam  IVL (Swedish Environment Institute)
    Catharina is a project manager/research engineer at IVL. She had an education in civil engineering in aquatic and environmental sciences from Uppsala University. After graduation, she has been working as a consultant in the water sector for approximately  6 years and a process engineer at Käppala waste water treatment plant (Lidingö Stockholm) for 5 years.
  4. Geraldine Thiere, Ängelholm municipality
    Geraldine is responsible for sustainable climate adaptation at the municipality of Ängelholm. She is working on upstream, urban and coastal solutions, preferably together with other dedicated people.
  5. Helena Björn, Lomma Municipality
    Helena is environmental strategy manager in Lomma City. She is in charge of the strategy for one of the most nature (no 2) and environment (no 10) winning municipalities (in total 290) in Sweden.
  6. Pär Svensson, Water Strategy, Real estate and Street Management Office, Malmö City
    Pär is the key person for storm water management and strategy development. His background is being a water and wastewater consultant and a city development engineer.
  7. Glenn Oredsson, LRF Skåne  (Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund/The Federation of Swedish Farmers)
    Glenn is running a farm enterprise with poultry, crop production, forestry, biogas production, solar energy and housing. He is a member of the board in the regional farmers, a national animal insurance company and a wildlife management organization. He has an international experience in agriculture, aid and commercial and banking in the agriculture field. He will talk about the importance of water management in agriculture in order to supply a growing population with food.

We have limited amount of spots for participation. So please grasp your opportunity ASAP. 

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