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Job Opportunity for a Post-doc Level Research Scholar in European Scale Water Resources Modeling


As part of the European Climate Prediction (EUCP) system, the Water Program (WAT) at IIASA is offering a position for a post-doc level research scholar in European scale water resources modeling. The successful candidate will assist with the development of the in-house open source hydrological and water resources model, Community Water Model (CWatM), and designing the state-of-the-art sectoral and cross-sectoral indicators to assess future hydro-meteorological risks (e.g., flood, drought, water scarcity) at various spatial scales relevant to end users in support of monitoring SDGs 6 and 13 for the near term (~1-40 years).


  •    Assist with the development of the Community Water Model (CWatM) at different spatial and temporal resolutions (primarily in Europe)
  •     Develop water quantity module including groundwater flows (e.g., MODFLOW) and water allocation module within CWatM
  •     Assist with the development of modules for non-climatic factors (e.g., agriculture, human water use, reservoir regulation) and incorporating policy and management options into CWatM
  •     Develop relevant indicators of hydro-meteorological events and impacts at various spatial scales including both climate change impacts and socio-economic development 
  •     Assist  with the development of methods for scaling and incorporating policy and management options into macro-scale hydrologic models
  •     Participate in international/regional stakeholder and capacity development workshops 
  •     Produce and publish papers (in peer reviewed journals) of CWatM modules and hydro-meteorological impact assessments across different sectors.

Skills and Qualifications:

  •     PhD degree in hydrology, climate, environmental science, engineering or a related field
  •     Proven analytical skills and ease in manipulating large data sets and complex modeling systems
  •     Experience with both river basin scale and continental scale spatial hydrologic models
  •     Strong interest and background in integrative systems analysis and development of tools to support policy development
  •     Excellent English skills (written and verbal) 
  •     Proven experience publishing scientific work in high-impact refereed international scientific journals
  •     Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work both independently as well as part of a multi-disciplinary and multicultural team  
  •     Programming knowledge and proficiency (e.g., PCRaster, Python, Fortran, C/C++, or Java) 
  •     Experience with geographic information systems (ArcGIS, or QGIS).
  •     Some experience with stakeholder engagement.

Full details about the opportunities can be found here.

Review of applications will be ongoing until the positions have been filled.


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