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For modelling/simulation specialists: 6th IEA-Vanrolleghem Modelling Seminar on August 29 in Lund


IEA-Vanrolleghem Modelling Seminar day at IEA, Lund University, Sweden, will be held at Aug 29th, with visiting professor Peter Vanrolleghem, Université Laval, Québec, Canada. We will present and discuss aspects of WWTP/WRRF process modelling and simulation and topics related to that, and nourish the personal connections and keep track of what we are currently working on. Many of you have attended the Seminar before and knows what to expect. The seminar will be held with a small group of selected people, and the agenda is not yet finalized. If you are interested in modelling and simulation topics and feel you could contribute to the discussion, please contact Ulf Jeppsson, preferably before August 15th. 

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