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Debate:'' More than half of Skåne's coast is threatened today''


Take sand from the bottom of the ocean. It is only way to rescue Skåne's beaches, written by Caroline Fredriksson and Hans Hansson, PhD student and professor at the department of Water Resources Engineering.

The coast line raises the Skåne region's attractiveness and becomes its brand. Unfortunately, more than half of Skåne's coast today is threatened by erosion that causes the sea to eat up the beaches.
Climate change leads to rising sea levels, which are expected to further aggravate the situation. If the sand beaches are not properly protected, they will move inland or completely disappear.
Lack of regional and national coordination leads to the erosion problems to the individual property owners. They are forced to construct hard coastal protection, such as walls and stone lands, on their own. However, this type of protection worsens erosion because it prevents the natural movement of the sand. The problem is spreading across the coast. Along several stretches of the Scottish coast, sand beaches have thus disappeared and replaced by stone and concrete walls.

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