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WIN Nordic


The aim of WIN Nordic is to expand the platform WIN - Water Innovation Accelerator – into a Nordic platform for new solutions in water management. The idea is to facilitate for startup companies to enter an international market by giving the opportunity to start on a stable Nordic home market.

WIN – Water Innovation Accelerator is a business network that consist of small innovative companies as well as large corporations and other organizations such as universities and municipalities. Participating innovation companies receive support and assistance from WIN to develop their new products and services as well as their business. Municipalities are often not themselves organized for innovation work, but are interested in and have the need for new solutions. They are therefore important as customers to new products and services. Large corporations and municipalities contribute to WIN by providing support to companies, facilitating market access and setting up test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members. The purpose of WIN is, in other words, to create a link between large corporations and municipalities and the small innovative companies to develop good solutions to challenges in the water sector. The purpose with WIN Nordic is to expand the WIN- method into a Nordic collaboration. Active enhancement of cooperation between startups and young innovative companies from Sweden, Norway and Finland will provide young innovative companies a better environment for international growth and development. By a strong Nordic partnership, cross-fertilization and synergies can evolve that prepare the companies for entering the demanding export markets. Utilizing existing knowledge from across the Nordic countries will help identifying business opportunities and speed up market access. Presentation of ideas and early feedback from the market as well as experts is the growing way of finding new business and customers. Finding partners for business and research and development to meet market needs and commercialize new ideas is crucial for start-ups and young companies. The access to funding and local investments will improve as a result of the Nordic co-operation. LU Open support the operation of the project by for example handling administrative matters.

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