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WIN Marknad


WIN Marknad aims at bringing new products and services in the water sector out on the market more quickly. The project facilitates the process from prototype to the market and package new products in a way that makes them more attractive to the market.

Water is a necessity for life. But there are grand challenges in the water field, such as insufficient access to clean water, water contamination, flooding, droughts, international conflicts and even economic and political issues. Water has became a worldwide issue, regarded as an important component of the Sustainable Development Goals, that are expected to be adopted by the UN in September 2015.However, there are also great opportunities in the water field; for research and development and business ideas such as innovative treatment methods to provide clean and safe water, modelling for early warning and forecasting of flooding and droughts, integrated water resources management tools to solve transboundary water issues, optimisation of industrial process and many more. Water is one of the most important resources in society – the challenge is to handle it in a sustainable way. Water is a field that involves many different actors, perspectives and challenges. It is an issue that goes into all different areas – it is a political, economical, industrial, chemical and geological issue. To find solutions to the challenges, cross-faculty and multidisciplinary cooperation is necessary. WIN Marknad is a collaboration with LU and the business network WIN – Water Innovation Accelerator that consist of small innovative companies as well as large corporations and other organisations such as universities and municipalities. Participating innovation companies receive support and assistance from WIN to develop their new products and services as well as their business. Municipalities are often not themselves organised for innovation work, but are interested in and have the need for new solutions. They are therefore important as customers to new products and services. Large corporations and municipalities contribute to WIN by providing support to companies, facilitating market access and setting up test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members. The purpose of WIN is, in other words, to create a link between large corporations and municipalities and the small innovative companies to develop good solutions to challenges in the water sector. WIN Marknad is based on WIN, and while WIN focus on the whole process from challenge and idea to the finalised and sold product, WIN Marknad focus on getting the products out on the market. WIN Marknad help with financing in the process from prototype to sold product and assist in package the product in a way that make them more attractive to the market. The role of LU Open is to administrate the project.

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